Dead or Alive 5: Last Round - Nude mods
Категория: mod 18+

Сборник Нуд модов для игры Dead or Alive 5: Last Round обнажит 5 персонажей

1. start achivarius
2. open original dlc 352150.bin
3. export files for your character: .---c and .--p
4. start dlc tool
5. new 352150
6. character add: you character
7. select slot
8. add files:
tmc, tmcl from archive
.---c and .--p from export
9. save
10. copy to install-dir/dlc

How to install custom DLC:
1: Extract numbered folder (e.g. 123456) to game's DLC directory.
2. Open .ini file that came with game crack (e.g. steam_api.ini from reloaded, 3DMGAME.ini from 3DM). These can be used with legit Steam version, but you lose your save file. I recommend copying your game folder to another place on your hard drive before applying a crack to avoid issues with saves, steam overlay, and online play later on.
3. Look for DLC section in .ini file. Add a new line with the number name of the custom DLC you downloaded (e.g. last line is DLC007=358144, add a new line that says DLC008=123456).
4. Save .ini and enjoy.

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